Grandma's Hands 

I am pleased to announce the upcoming release of this special cover of Bill Withers' track entitled, Grandma's Hands, that I've been working on for the past year almost. It's a milestone for which I feel especially happy because of what this song means to me, ever since I heard it for the first time. 

The reason is that my grandma and I were very close. I would always enjoy going to see her as a kid and to spend time with her not least of all cos she was a brilliant cook and she would always make a pleasant fuss over us young ones to make sure we were alright. Can't ever remember her getting cross but that doesn't mean that we would get away with any badness but she just knew how to put you in place with firm hands without much ado.

In later years, when she died I never attended her funeral and for years that pained me greatly. It pained so much that whenever I would see her in my dreams sometimes, I would wake up shedding tears like rivers within. After about seven years the pain healed and now I just remember her real fondly and if I see her in a dream we just pick up where we left off...well, sort of.

This is what this song means to me so I hope you can use it just the same to remember your nana with much love and happiness if she's passed but if she's still here then you make her hear this tune and buy her a copy to rock to show her your appreciation. Remember to honour and love the elders also because they are our heritage and without them we would be nowhere.

The release date is 1st June but you can pre-order it now from online stores like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc or from this website. If you're on Spotify you can pre-save it so when it drops it will automatically add to your Spotify library. To do so use this link

Residents Reggae Party 

Me and friends, Ronnie and Maria, rocking the residents of Hibiscus Court last Christmas 2017. Thanks to Sally Ferris from Together Dementia Support for inviting us to entertain the folks who seemed to be enjoying themselves wholeheartedly. Thanks also to Shirley Smith for encouraging Sally to invite us, herself having seen us in action before entertaining the Age Friendly Manchester Neighbourhood Team in Summer the previous year. See you 2018 same season folks!


Let God Arise  Podcast

Until I entered into the Orthodox Church I was not aware of the other side to the Christ story. It was then that certain Scriptures which I had heard for years started to take on new meaning. Don't get me wrong, the Orthodox Church is the last one to innovate or put new spin on things. That's because they see themselves as the guardians and keepers of that which was handed to them by those who went before.

So when I heard the Psalm verse "Let God Arise", used to refer to the Resurrection of our Lord I was blown away quietly, thinking, "But of course, so obvious, duh". Anyways I wrote a song using said verses to big up the vibe in another dub style.

As usual, leave a comment if you love the vibe or if you have a suggestion or whatever. Blessings

  1. Let God Arise

My Lord  Podcast

It's hard to stay away from controversy so sometimes I don't even bother to try. That being said, I reckon that though it's not yet Orthodox Easter (or as we more appropriately call it in the Orthodox Tradition, Pascha), I should still wish my other Christian brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, who are celebrating at this time, a happy Easter and a blessed Feast tomorrow April 1st.

The celebration for us Orthodox will be next week Sunday while tomorrow for us will only be Palm Sunday, but ain't splitting no hairs. Divisions in Christianity happened ages ago so no use haranguing believers today for what many are not even aware of. Just love and harmony till everything get sorted (if ever) in the Spirit of kindness and understanding towards each other. Love even to those of other Faiths as well as to those who subscribe to none. We're all humanity together seeking to find our way home, so to speak.

To show my part in the general celebration I offer this song that's been sitting on my hard drive for a while, still not mixed or mastered but worthy of your ears I believe. You could call it my Easter song as I make it personal in relating the Passion of our Lord Jesus Krestos which He faced in the name of love for His creatures. It also recounts the pain of His mother as she beheld the state sanctioned murder of her son. Blessed Easter, Enjoy!

  1. My Lord

March Interview 

I shared the interview with a young and upcoming but very experienced and competent local artist called Babalola Junior who hails from Nigeria but resides in UK. Search Engine UK caught up with us to explore our love for music, how we got started and what keeps us going. We also shared some other insights as well as performed a few live numbers each. Our host was Anthony Downer for Legacy 90.1 Fm. Thanks to the camera crew, Carl and the lads who helped brighten up the vibe and to the listeners who texted in their comments and questions. Watch the video and don't forget to comment and share with friends and fam. Blessed love.

Rewind and come again selecta! 

Afterr releases like Run Come Quick and Deep Roots, Irie Meditation and Step It Up Rasta by yours truly and the Nucleus Roots, we're at it again so you are in for a treat with sounds that's bound to keep you skanking, jigging and bopping when the stuff finally hits the streets.

Y'all know the quality of the productions from the Nucleus Studios, so with this new project I couldn't afford to go any less than before since those first set of tunes on the Nucleus Roots compilations.

Those tunes have become household names amongst the heartical roots reggae fans worldwide because you know what you're listening for; good quality sounds coupled with positive messages that inspire.

Am very happy to present more works once again and look forward to meeting up on the circuit within the near future. If you want updates straight to your inbox sign up to my mailing list and I'll do the honours. One love.

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