African Union - OUT NOW!

With a passion for songwriting coursing through his veins, Don Hartley's fervent delivery of some frequently off-the-wall and awesomely philosophic anthems, expose a deeply perceptive artist whose overwhelming vocals have the power to provoke a profound response. 

His new single African Union is no less a demonstration of this innate ability.

A remix of 'Strengthen The African Union' (2017) it not only highlights the magic of Mr Don Hartley but also exudes the unsurpassable craftsmanship of Nick Sasquash, owner and operator of Operation Sound System out of Blackburn UK. The mix is phat and noteworthy bringing out the richness of the horns section and the remarkable instrumentation of Small Axe Music Production.

This is Don at his best and promises great things for 2019. Release date: December 4, 2018. Available as a 2 track album digital download only on bandcamp.

Real roots reggae music lovers who love the authentic Wailers / Steel Pulse feel and style will make African Union a must for their roots collection. Sound Systems can pre-order the dubplate version via Nick Sasquash @ Operation Sound System or contact Don here on the site or through Facebook Messenger. Read, like, share, make the track yours or get it for a friend, you'll be doing your part for awakening the sleeping giant of Africa.

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