Grandma's Hands

I am pleased to announce the upcoming release of this special cover of Bill Withers' track entitled, Grandma's Hands, that I've been working on for the past year almost. It's a milestone for which I feel especially happy because of what this song means to me, ever since I heard it for the first time. 

The reason is that my grandma and I were very close. I would always enjoy going to see her as a kid and to spend time with her not least of all cos she was a brilliant cook and she would always make a pleasant fuss over us young ones to make sure we were alright. Can't ever remember her getting cross but that doesn't mean that we would get away with any badness but she just knew how to put you in place with firm hands without much ado.

In later years, when she died I never attended her funeral and for years that pained me greatly. It pained so much that whenever I would see her in my dreams sometimes, I would wake up shedding tears like rivers within. After about seven years the pain healed and now I just remember her real fondly and if I see her in a dream we just pick up where we left off...well, sort of.

This is what this song means to me so I hope you can use it just the same to remember your nana with much love and happiness if she's passed but if she's still here then you make her hear this tune and buy her a copy to rock to show her your appreciation. Remember to honour and love the elders also because they are our heritage and without them we would be nowhere.

The release date is 1st June but you can pre-order it now from online stores like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc or from this website. If you're on Spotify you can pre-save it so when it drops it will automatically add to your Spotify library. To do so use this link

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