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Grandma's Hands 

I am pleased to announce the upcoming release of this special cover of Bill Withers' track entitled, Grandma's Hands, that I've been working on for the past year almost. It's a milestone for which I feel especially happy because of what this song means to me, ever since I heard it for the first time. 

The reason is that my grandma and I were very close. I would always enjoy going to see her as a kid and to spend time with her not least of all cos she was a brilliant cook and she would always make a…

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Let God Arise  Podcast

Until I entered into the Orthodox Church I was not aware of the other side to the Christ story. It was then that certain Scriptures which I had heard for years started to take on new meaning. Don't get me wrong, the Orthodox Church is the last one to innovate or put new spin on things. That's because they see themselves as the guardians and keepers of that which was handed to them by those who went before.

So when I heard the Psalm verse "Let God Arise", used to refer to the Resurrection of our Lord I was…

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Rewind and come again selecta! 

Afterr releases like Run Come Quick and Deep Roots, Irie Meditation and Step It Up Rasta by yours truly and the Nucleus Roots, we're at it again so you are in for a treat with sounds that's bound to keep you skanking, jigging and bopping when the stuff finally hits the streets.

Y'all know the quality of the productions from the Nucleus Studios, so with this new project I couldn't afford to go any less than before since those first set of tunes on the Nucleus Roots compilations.

Those tunes have become household names amongst the heartical roots reggae fans worldwide because you know what you're listening for; good quality sounds coupled with positive messages that inspire.

Am very happy to present more works once again and look forward to meeting up on the circuit within the near future. If you want updates straight to your inbox sign up to my mailing list and I'll do the honours. One love.

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