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African Union - OUT NOW!

With a passion for songwriting coursing through his veins, Don Hartley's fervent delivery of some frequently off-the-wall and awesomely philosophic anthems, expose a deeply perceptive artist whose overwhelming vocals have the power to provoke a profound response. 

His new single African Union is no less a demonstration of this innate ability.

New Release: Take My Burdens

This one is another Mad & Dread production; a combination of Universal Love Music Works and Mad Calypso Studios from Finland. Release date: 14 July 2018.

All the profits from purchases of this digital release goes directly to support…

Why I Covered Grandma's Hands

Covering this number is a milestone for which I feel especially happy because of what this song means to me. My grandma and I were very close and I would always enjoy going to see her as a kid and…

Rocking With The Elders

Ronnie Walfall, the General and Maria alongside yours truly, rocking the residents of Hibiscus Court last Christmas 2017. Thanks to Sally Ferris from Together Dementia Support for inviting us to entertain the folks who were enjoying themselves wholeheartedly. Thanks also to…

Search Engine UK With Anthony Downer & Babalola

I shared this interview with young and upcoming but very experienced and competent local artist, Babalola Junior, who hails from Nigeria but resides in UK. Search Engine UK caught up with us to explore our love for music, how we…

Drop It Again Selecta!

We're at it again peeps so you are in for a treat with sounds that's bound to keep you skanking, jigging and bopping when the stuff finally hits the streets. Y'all know the quality of the productions from the Nucleus Studios featuring yours truly, so with this new project I couldn't afford to go any less than before since those first Nucleus Roots compilations.