Our most prolific artist”

— Paul Nucleus

Don Hartley

Don Hartley is an independent roots reggae singer/songwriter, born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. His musical journey has acquired him some of the most philosophical roots anthems that easily recommend him as a truly unique purveyor of the genre.  

With a career spanning three decades and after his first release in 1990 of That Lady, a lover's rock number, he has successfully teamed up with the likes of Manchester UK's Nucleus Roots and Faya Dub out of Paris to produce some of the most off the wall roots and reggae classics.  

As a result, he has become widely known for tunes that range from the hard pounding steppers, Run Come Quick, and the steady rocking Deep Roots, Irie Meditation and Step It Up Rasta, to the punky, jazzy reggae of When The Bread Come Back (remixed twice 2005 & 2008 and appearing on two different compilation CDs as well as the original). Deep Roots was also remixed and released September 2013 on Partial Records label attesting to the enduring quality of the music and its popularity with the roots reggae fans. 


  1. Take My Burdens released 14 July 2018 

  2. "Grandma's Hands" released 23 July 2018. {Co-produced and arranged by Nucleus Roots for Don Hartley Muzik]

  3. "State of Mind", released Dec 2016 by Tribe 84 Records out of Poland, Produced by Nucleus Roots (1997)
  4. "Let Your Light Shine", released June 2016 on CD compilation  Ina Di Radio; a joint production with Guillaurme LeToux of Creation Fam Hi Fi.   

There are also at least three other numbers dropping this Summer 2018 for Mr Hartley courtesy of HB Incorporated and Universal Love Music Works.

Don Hartley

Photo by Pete Dublab | Inspirational Sounds

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